Why do you need glasses? To see better? To look good? For protection? Yes, but it’s easier than that.

Zeiss glasses lenses

You wear glasses to solve a problem

We all have different lifestyles and jobs, and we enjoy doing different things. Each activity we do comes with its own demands on your eyes which can cause problems for you. During your Eyewear Consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and visual requirements so I understand the visual problems you are facing and can give you expert advice and recommendations for how we can solve them to make your vision comfortable, natural and effortless.

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At night, the headlights from oncoming cars really irritate me

I cannot see clearly when driving in heavy rain; the headlights and traffic lights are blurry

When driving in twilight I feel uncomfortable because I cannot see that clearly

I’m aged 25-40 and my eyes take a long time to refocus when I look up from my phone / computer / tablet / book

I wear varifocals but I find them difficult to use when I’m on the computer

The glare from the sun makes it difficult to see when I’m driving

My varifocals are hard to use when I’m multitasking

I feel like my vision should be sharper

I’m fed up with juggling so many pairs of glasses for different things

My glasses get in the way when I’m exercising or playing sport

I worry about the harmful effects of UV and blue light on my eyes

It’s a nuisance having to swap between my glasses and sunglasses when I’m in and out of shops

Zeiss glasses lenses vision profile

Get your personalised Vision Profile

Understand your lifestyle and get a clear picture of your Vision profile and which ZEISS lens solution will be most suitable to you.

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Glasses and cacti

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